The Clever Cleanout System

The Clever Cleanout System is made up of the Clever Cleanout and its enclosure, the Cleanout Box.

With the unique engineering and design of the system, it’s recommended to purchase both products together as a complete set to take advantage of the box’s exceptional vertical and lateral strength. This will further protect the Clever Cleanout from any environmental factors.

However, the Clever Cleanout can be installed with a third-party grade level access box.

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    Cleaver Cleanout System

    Sewer Cleanout & Relief Valve

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    The Clever Cleanout acts as a relief valve or a sewer backflow preventer, which reduces backflow of excessive rainwater and mainline blockages into homes and businesses. It’s similar to a sewage check valve to prevent pumped water from flowing back into the basin but with an innovative design to allow the water or sewage to exit without causing flooding. The Clever Cleanout will seal and close automatically while not in use.

    • Protects low areas or basements from backflow or waste from street sewers.
    • Prevents rainwater from entering the Cleanout
    • Reduces the need for a backflow preventer or sewage check valve
    • Corrosive resistant
    • Simple to open and close
    • Low maintenance

    Patent # US 11,536,3741 B2

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    Cleaver Cleanout System

    Series 1419-12 Valve Box for Clever Cleanout

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