PROTECT Your Home from Sewage Backups with Clever Cleanout

Keep Your Home Dry From Sewage Backup and Don't Let Unwanted Rodents Sneak In Either

Protect Your Home's Resale Value

The last thing you want is a sewage backup in the house. Lost home value. Thousands of dollars in repairs. Displaced for months in a hotel.

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How it Works

The Clever Cleanout acts as a relief valve on the main sewage line coming from your house, helping to prevent sewage backup into your home while keeping the snakes and rodents out.


45-Degree Angle

The flap is installed at a 45-degree angle, resulting in less maintenance if overflow occurs. 


No Threading

The Clever Cleanout has no threads that can be cross-threaded or that can get dirt in, which would make it difficult to unscrew.

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Patent # US 11,536,3741 B2


Weighted, Hinged Rubber Flap

The weighted, hinged rubber flap stays shut until a sewer backup occurs.


Beveled Flap

The flap is beveled to allow for a better seal when the weighted, hinged rubber flap closes after an overflow occurs.

Is Your Home at Risk for Sewer Backups?

Sewer backups are more common than we realize, especially if the city has infrastructure problems not yet addressed. According to the EPA, an average of 50,000 homes experience it every year in the United States. Most homeowners insurance policies don’t automatically include coverage for sewer and drain backups.


Save Time.
Save Your Investment.

Don't walk into your bathroom with dirty water in the tub

A sewage backup into your home starts in the lowest point — the bathtub or shower. And it's not just "dirty water" ... it's sewage.

Say goodbye to costly cleanup and hello to peace of mind.

No More Headaches

Forget being displaced from your home for weeks or months and staying in a hotel room.

Reduced Sewer Backup

No more flooding of sewage into your bathroom due to mainline sewer blockages.

No More Expenses

Save on thousands of dollars of repairs and cleanup without sacrificing the value of your home.

$99.00 $79.00 + Free Shipping
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Patent # US 11,536,3741 B2

I lost $25k in home value after delaying my clever cleanout install.

Travis Bourgoyne

I lost $25k in home value after delaying my clever cleanout install.‚Äč

Travis Bourgoyne
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