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Simplify the Solution for Sewage Backflow

Flush Away Sewage Backflow for Good with Clever Cleanout

Introduction Sewage backflow is a serious issue that can cause extensive damage and health hazards if not prevented. It occurs when sewage flows in the opposite direction from its intended path, backing up into homes and businesses through drain pipes and other plumbing fixtures. This ...
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Simple Solution for Sewage Backflow Prevention

Clever Cleanout: The Cheap, Simple Solution for Sewage Backflow Prevention

Introduction It started as a small trickle in the basement, barely noticeable. But within hours, John’s finished basement was flooded with two feet of sewage – a nauseating mix of wastewater, sewage, and every imaginable household contaminant. The culprit? A sewer backflow incident, often caused ...
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Jones Stpehens' ABS Sewer Relief Valve

Sewer Sentry’s Clever Cleanout vs. Jones Stephens’ Sewer Relief Valve: Which is More Reliable for Your Property?

There’s no denying that backflow is a real and costly issue for property owners, be it residential or commercial. Unresolved, backflows have the potential to wreak havoc on your property, leading to property degradation and hefty repair costs. That’s why backflow preventers, particularly sewer relief ...
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