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The Clever Cleanout replaces the cleanout cap installed by your builder and acts as a relief valve or a sewer backflow preventer, which reduces backflow of excessive rainwater and mainline blockages into homes and businesses. It’s similar to a sewage check valve to prevent pumped water from flowing back into the basin but with an innovative design to allow the water or sewage to exit without causing flooding. The Clever Cleanout will seal and close automatically while not in use.

  • Protects low areas or basements from backflow or waste from street sewers. NOTE: The Clever Cleanout must be installed lower than any point of overflow or backup in the home or building.
  • Prevents rainwater from entering the Cleanout
  • Reduces the need for a backflow preventer or sewage check valve
  • Corrosive resistant
  • Simple to open and close
  • Low maintenance

For installation instructions, check out this installation guide.

Patent # US 11,536,3741 B2

How it Works

In the simplest terms, the Clever Cleanout gets installed right outside your house and...

Replaces This (with Arrow)
Cleanout Cap
With This (with Arrow)

When the Clever Cleanout is installed, your home (and your investment) is now protected from snakes, rodents, and flooding from blockages of your sewer line. Here's how —

Frequently Asked Questions

An installation guide is available online and is shipped with the Clever Cleanout. If you have any additional questions about installation, feel free to send us a message or click on the chat window to speak with a member of our team.

When the Clever Cleanout is installed, the hinged, rubber flap stays in the closed position until a sewer backup occurs. This helps prevent anything from entering your sewage line.

There's little to no maintenance needed once installed. With the hinged, rubber flap at a 45-degree angle, it's much more difficult for debris and sewage to keep the flap open if overflow occurs. The flap is also beveled allowing for a better seal.

With a horizontal flap cleanout, paper and debris hang up on the flap and prevent it from closing properly after backup occurs.

Yes, the Clever Cleanout is easy for plumbers and/or homeowners to open and close. There are no threads that can be cross-threaded. In addition, there are no threads that can get dirt in which makes it hard to unscrew.

Unfortunately, the design of toilets makes it easy for snakes, rats and other rodents to get into your home when there's an open (or damaged) cleanout. The hinged, rubber flap on the Clever Cleanout stays shut when there's not an overflow occurring, which prevents snakes, rats and other rodents from getting into your sewer line. 

Cities allow the Clever Cleanout to be installed at the property line on service lines or homeowners can install on their private property. This can reduce lawsuits due to mainline blockages or rainstorms, which could cause flooding of homes and businesses. In addition, if there is a blockage, it's easier to check whether the blockage of the service line is the city's or homeowner's problem due to the design of the Clever Cleanout.

Additional Information

Weight1.10 lbs
Dimensions7 × 7.5 × 9.5 in

Prevents Rainwater from entering the underground sewer system from the surface
Reduces flooding of homes and businesses
Unidirectional flow ensuring Zero backflow or overflow
Eliminates the need for a backflow preventer


Prevents Rainwater from Entering the Underground Sewer System from the Surface
Reduces Flooding of Homes & Businesses
Unidirectional Flow Ensuring Zero Backflow or Overflow
Eliminates the Need for a Backflow Preventer
Corrosive Resistant

Design Specs

4” PVC 45 Degree Fitting (Hub x Hub)
45 Degree Angle Design Allows for Ease of Open/Close
Flapper Uniquely Designed with Beveled Edge
Sewer 100 Nitrile Compound Rubber Flapper
Complete with Stainless Steel Hinge

Pending # US 11,536,3741 B2

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