Series 1419-12 Valve Box for Clever Cleanout

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The Clever Cleanout Box is a Series 1419-12 box designed to enclose the Clever Cleanout. It also has a hinged hatch for an easy water meter reading and is manufactured from high-performance polyethylene material.

  • High-impact, high-density / polyethylene structural constructions.
  • Bolted lid design complete with access hatch
  • Reinforced covers for heavier loads
  • Reinforced ribs offer exceptional sidewall strength
  • UV inhibitors prevent discoloration and cracking
  • Box lid sits flush with the ground

It’s recommended to purchase the Cleanout Box with the Clever Cleanout to prevent any damage from lawn mowers and other potentially destructive actions.

For installation instructions, check out this installation guide.

NOTE: The Clever Cleanout is not included and sold separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

An installation guide is available online and is shipped with the Clever Cleanout and Cleanout Box. If you have any additional questions about installation, feel free to send us a message or click on the chat window to speak with a member of our team.

Yes. It protects the Clever Cleanout from damage caused by lawnmowers, etc.

The Cleanout Box should be installed below the finished floor of the house. When this is done correctly, as shown in the installation instructions, lawn mowers and other equipment can mow over it and around without causing any damage.

When the Clever Cleanout is installed, the flap should always be closed by default. The lid of the Cleanout Box is designed to not shut properly unless the flap of the Clever Cleanout is also closed properly. This protects you, the homeowner, in case the plumber forgets to close it before finishing the job and not allowing the Clever Cleanout to function properly.

Yes and no. The Clever Cleanout will fit in a standard Series 1419-12 box. However, the Cleanout Box is designed to not close correctly unless the flap of the Clever Cleanout is also closed correctly. This protects you, the homeowner, in case your plumber does not close the flap fully before calling the job complete.

Yes, the Cleanout Box includes an access hatch for easy maintenance and to check the integrity of the Clever Cleanout.

Additional Information

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions22 × 16 × 13 in

• Easy access hatch for fast meter reading
• Thicker wall dimensions for increased strength and durability.
• Reinforced covers for heavier loads.
• Overlapping covers prevent dirt and grass from setting in between cover and body.
• Engineered specifically for the professional contractor and heavy-duty use.
• Superior strength for commercial and utility applications.

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