Jones Stpehens' ABS Sewer Relief Valve

Sewer Sentry’s Clever Cleanout vs. Jones Stephens’ Sewer Relief Valve: Which is More Reliable for Your Property?

There’s no denying that backflow is a real and costly issue for property owners, be it residential or commercial. Unresolved, backflows have the potential to wreak havoc on your property, leading to property degradation and hefty repair costs. That’s why backflow preventers, particularly sewer relief valves and cleanouts, have become must-haves in properties.

Two offerings that have been turning heads in the industry are Sewer Sentry’s Clever Cleanout and Jones Stephens’ ABS Sewer Relief Valve. Each possesses unique features and benefits. However, when it comes to reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, our careful analysis proves that Sewer Sentry’s Clever Cleanout edges out the competition.

Jones Stephens’ Sewer Relief Valve: An Overview

Jones Stephens’ answer to backflow is their recently announced ABS Sewer Relief Valve. The device is designed to release waste outside of buildings during a sewer line blockage, thereby preventing costly damage brought about by sewage backflow. It comes with a removable lid that provides full access for a cleanout and is adaptable to new or existing sewer lines. Besides, it’s vandal-resistant and safe for use in high traffic areas.

What Sets Sewer Sentry’s Clever Cleanout Apart?

Here at Sewer Sentry, we have taken years of research, development, design improvement, and user feedback to create Clever Cleanout, our patented sewer relief valve, and cleanout. Here’s why it stands as the more favorable choice:

  1. Ease of Use and Maintenance: Beyond just having a removable lid, Clever Cleanout’s unique design allows homeowners and property managers to easily and efficiently clean backflow channels without needing to hire professional services. It’s designed with user-friendliness in mind, saving you time and money in maintenance costs.
  2. Versatility: Clever Cleanout is designed for diverse real estate properties ranging from residential to commercial and industrial structures. Its universal adaptation makes it a sure choice for both new and existing sewer lines.
  3. Reliability: As much as the Jones Stephens’ valve offers relief in the event of a blockage, our tests with Clever Cleanout have demonstrated a higher success rate in preventing blockages altogether, a proactive approach that ultimately saves property owners from unnecessary repair costs.
  4. Long-lasting construction: While both the Clever Cleanout and Jones Stephens’ product are designed to be durable, our product’s construction material is tested for enhanced resilience against chemical damage and natural wear, extending the product’s lifespan and decreasing long-term costs.
  5. Minimal Yard Disruption: No one wants an unsightly sewer relief valve in their yard. Clever Cleanout, while it also aims for vandal-resistance, is designed with aesthetics in mind, ensuring it blends well with your property and doesn’t stand out as an eyesore.

The potential disaster of a house flood caused by sewer overflows is a significant concern for property owners. While Jones Stephens has effectively addressed this concern with their sewer relief valve, at Sewer Sentry, we believe in elevating standards and expectations.

That’s why we have invested in the creation of the Clever Cleanout, a product we pride ourselves in. Years of research and development, backed by strong customer feedback, have proven that our product not only matches but exceeds industry standards. By affirming its user-friendliness, versatility, dependability, and long-lasting functionality, we are confident in providing a high-quality sewer relief valve and cleanout that will put property owners’ minds at ease.

In conclusion, both options provide a solution to sewer backflow. However, when it comes to a comprehensive, cost-effective, and reliable solution, Sewer Sentry’s Clever Cleanout comes out on top. Choose Clever Cleanout and give your property the protection it deserves.

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