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Flush Away Sewage Backflow for Good with Clever Cleanout


Sewage backflow is a serious issue that can cause extensive damage and health hazards if not prevented. It occurs when sewage flows in the opposite direction from its intended path, backing up into homes and businesses through drain pipes and other plumbing fixtures. This can happen due to a blockage or overflow in the sewer system, but also during heavy rains when stormwater infiltrates and overwhelms sewer lines.

Raw sewage contains dangerous bacteria, viruses, and toxic contaminants. Backflows allow these hazardous substances to spread throughout buildings, resulting in foul odors, damaged flooring and walls, ruined furnishings, and huge cleanup costs. More importantly, contact with raw sewage can lead to serious illnesses like dysentery, hepatitis A, gastroenteritis, and respiratory infections. Infants, elderly people, and those with compromised immune systems are particularly vulnerable.

Preventing sewage backflows is critical to avoid catastrophic health hazards and property damage. Traditionally, costly backflow preventers and overhead sewer systems have been used, but these systems are complicated and require significant construction work. Thankfully, new technology now provides a simplified and affordable solution.

What is Sewer Sentry’s Clever Cleanout?

The Sewer Sentry Clever Cleanout is an innovative backflow prevention device that installs into your existing cleanout access point. This patented device acts as a one-way valve to prevent sewage backups into your home or business.

The Clever Cleanout contains a self-closing flapper inside the valve body. During normal flow, waste water passes through the flapper and down the sewer line. But if the sewer line becomes blocked or overcharged, the flapper automatically closes to prevent backflow into the property. This creates a tight seal against water, debris, and sewage.

Unlike other backflow prevention valves, the Clever Cleanout does not require a separate shut-off valve or electrical power. Its ingenious passive design eliminates the need for these extra components. The flapper self-activates just using the force of flowing water.

This device also includes a clear inspection window, allowing you to visually confirm that the flapper is functioning properly. The Clever Cleanout requires no maintenance except for an occasional inspection.

By installing into an existing sewer cleanout, the Clever Cleanout avoids expensive replumbing costs. It can be easily retrofitted into any home or business to provide reliable backflow prevention.

Patented Technology of Sewer Sentry’s Clever Cleanout

Sewer Sentry’s Clever Cleanout features a patented design that sets it apart from traditional backflow prevention valves. The key lies in its unique dual-valve system.

Most backflow preventers rely on a single check valve to stop sewage from backing up into the home. However, if that single valve fails, the home is still vulnerable to backflow.

Clever Cleanout changes the game with its redundant valve technology. It contains both a mechanical flapper valve and a patented hydraulic check valve. Both valves work in tandem to deliver maximum backflow protection.

The flapper valve operates similarly to valves found in traditional backflow preventers. It remains open to allow wastewater to flow out of the home, but swings shut if sewage attempts to flow backwards. This prevents backflow when water pressure drops in the sewer main.

The hydraulic check valve provides an added layer of protection. It contains a weighted ball that seats against an O-ring seal when backpressure occurs. This blocks the backward flow of sewage even if the flapper valve fails.

Having two independent valves working together ensures the Clever Cleanout offers bulletproof backflow prevention. Even if one valve becomes stuck or damaged, the other valve will continue working to stop backups.

The valves themselves are constructed from durable PVC plastic to withstand years of use without corrosion. The flapper valve sits at a patented 30-degree angle inside the valve body, providing optimal seating and sealing.

Clever Cleanout’s redundant valve system is patented technology not found in any other backflow prevention product on the market today. This unique design guarantees the most reliable protection against sewer backups and flooding.

Benefits of Clever Cleanout

Clever Cleanout offers several key benefits that make it an appealing choice for preventing sewage backflow in homes and businesses:

Prevents Sewage Backflow

The patented design of Clever Cleanout acts as a backflow preventer, preventing sewage from backing up into your home or business during heavy rains or municipal sewer overflows. By stopping sewage and contaminated water from entering your property, it helps prevent property damage, health hazards, and expensive repairs.

Easy to Install

Installation is straightforward for both retrofits and new construction, making Clever Cleanout a DIY-friendly option. The device can be installed near the main sewer line’s exit point. Because it has no moving parts, Clever Cleanout’s reliability and maintenance needs are minimal compared to mechanical backflow valves.

Cost Effective

Priced at a fraction of most mechanical backwater valves, Clever Cleanout delivers premium protection at an affordable cost. For many homeowners and small business owners concerned about sewage backups but with limited budgets, it offers a solid prevention solution without breaking the bank. The inexpensive price point makes comprehensive sewage backup protection achievable.

Simplified Sewage Backflow Prevention with Clever Cleanout

Sewage backflow prevention can often be complicated, requiring multiple devices and complex installations. Clever Cleanout simplifies sewage backflow prevention through its innovative all-in-one design.

While traditional backflow prevention requires both a backflow preventer valve and a backwater valve installed separately, Clever Cleanout combines both functions into one device. This reduces the need for multiple access points, separate installations, and complex configurations.

Clever Cleanout installs inline directly into the sewer lateral, replacing the standard cleanout cap. This means prevention happens right at the point of potential backup with no need to install separate devices further upstream. The inline design also ensures full pipe diameter unlike traditional flap valves that block flow.

Operation is straightforward as well. Clever Cleanout contains a mechanical float that rises to block backflow when sewage tries to reverse, then drops to allow normal flow. This automation removes the need for homeowner interaction or maintenance like clearing flap valves.

By merging backflow and backwater protection into one product, Clever Cleanout greatly simplifies sewage backflow prevention for homeowners and businesses. Its inline installation and mechanical operation are far less complex than coordinating multiple devices and locations. Clever Cleanout makes it easier than ever to safeguard against costly sewage backups.

Easy Installation

Sewer Sentry designed the Clever Cleanout with easy, DIY installation in mind. Unlike traditional backflow prevention valves that require breaking concrete to access the main sewer line, the Clever Cleanout installs directly into your existing cleanout.

There’s no need to jackhammer your basement floor or pay a plumber big bucks to install a complex system. Simply remove your existing cleanout cap and replace it with the Clever Cleanout valve. The installation takes about 5 minutes and requires no special tools or skills.

The valve itself is made of durable, corrosion-resistant materials built to last. Once installed, it provides round-the-clock protection with no maintenance required. You can rest assured your home or business is safeguarded against sewage backups.

Best of all, you save huge on installation costs by avoiding the need to break concrete and run new piping. The Clever Cleanout brings simplified sewage backup protection to homeowners and businesses alike.

Cost Savings with Clever Cleanout

The Clever Cleanout provides sewage backflow prevention at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional backflow prevention valves and devices. Installation of a traditional backflow preventer can cost thousands of dollars, requiring expensive construction, demolition, excavation, plumbing modifications, and more.

The Clever Cleanout is patented to deliver simplified installation and use. It can be easily incorporated into existing cleanout fitting infrastructure, with no need for pipe cutting or replumbing. Homeowners enjoy all the benefits of backflow prevention without the high price tag.

Backflow prevention valves must be annually tested and serviced by a professional, costing homeowners an additional expense each year. The Clever Cleanout requires no special maintenance or testing, offering ongoing savings. Its durable construction is made to last for decades with no servicing required.

For a reasonable one-time investment, homeowners can protect their property and peace of mind against sewage backflows forever. No other backflow prevention device delivers the same level of protection and value. Sewer Sentry’s Clever Cleanout proves that effective backflow prevention can also be affordable.

Rave Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Clever Cleanout has received glowing reviews from homeowners who have installed the device in their homes. Here are some testimonials from real customers:

“We had a sewage backup during a huge rainstorm that flooded our basement with 2 feet of water and sewage. It was a nightmare. After installing the Clever Cleanout, I have peace of mind knowing that my home is protected from future sewage backups.” – John S., Homeowner in Ohio

“I was skeptical at first about the Clever Cleanout, but it really does work! We haven’t had a single sewage backup since installation. It was super easy to install too. I highly recommend this product to anyone concerned about sewage backups.” Sarah W., Homeowner in Florida

“As a homeowner who has experienced the horrors of a sewer backup, I can’t recommend the Clever Cleanout enough. This thing really works and gives me confidence that my home’s plumbing is protected. Two thumbs up!” – Mark R., Homeowner in California

The unanimous 5-star reviews speak for themselves. Homeowners love the peace of mind and protection that the Clever Cleanout provides against costly and unsanitary sewage backups. This innovative device is changing the game when it comes to simplified sewage backup prevention.

The Future is Here

Innovation comes when entrepreneurs identify old problems and create new solutions. Sewage backflow has been an issue in homes and businesses for decades, with cumbersome and expensive fixes like overhead sewers and backflow valves that require professional installation.

Sewer Sentry saw an opportunity to completely rethink sewage backflow prevention. Their research led them to design Clever Cleanout – an elegantly simple device that installs at ground level, doesn’t require special tools, and protects properties from sewage overflow catastrophe.

As cities around the world deal with aging infrastructure, increasingly intense storms, and rising sea levels, the problem of sewage backflow will only get worse. Outdated backflow solutions can’t keep up. Clever Cleanout offers a glimpse into the future of smart, simple sewage backflow prevention.

Home and business owners no longer have to dread huge bills for overhead sewers or complicated installations of backflow valves. With Clever Cleanout, they can rest easy knowing their property has an innovative first line of defense against sewage invading their space. This patented technology means even historic buildings can modernize their sewage backflow prevention.

Sewer Sentry is boldly leading the way into a future where sewage backflow disasters can become a thing of the past. Their visionary product proves that the best solutions are often right under our noses. The future is already here with Clever Cleanout.


The Sewer Sentry Clever Cleanout offers a revolutionary new way to prevent costly and unhealthy sewage backflows. With its patented, simplified design, it acts as a backflow preventer, backwater valve, and drain backflow preventer all in one.

Homeowners and business owners alike can benefit from installing the Clever Cleanout. Its easy DIY installation and maintenance saves thousands compared to a traditional backflow valve system. No longer do you need to dig up your lawn or foundation. The Clever Cleanout simply replaces your existing cleanout cap outside your home.

The reviews speak for themselves – homeowners are raving about how the Clever Cleanout gave them peace of mind and saved them from a sewage disaster during the next heavy rain. No more worries about sewage flooding your basement or back flowing into your sinks and toilets.

The future for preventing sewage backflow is here. Join the thousands of satisfied customers and install the Sewer Sentry Clever Cleanout today! Protect your home, protect your health.

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