This Genius Device Stops Sewage Backup for Pennies

Forget Expensive Plumbing – This Genius Device Stops Sewage Backup for Pennies


It was the midnight hour when Jill was startled awake by a foul stench creeping into her bedroom. As she stepped out of bed, she recoiled in horror as her feet landed in a cold pool of sewage backup that had crept up through the pipes and flooded her ground floor apartment. Unfortunately, stories like Jill’s are all too common. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, overflows from combined sewers and sanitary sewers result in the release of over 850 billion gallons of untreated sewage each year in the United States alone. Traditional backflow prevention devices can help prevent these disastrous backups, but many homeowners and businesses find them frustratingly complicated and prohibitively expensive. However, one company named Sewer Sentry aims to change all that with their innovative Clever Cleanout device.

Overview of Sewer Sentry’s Clever Cleanout

Sewer Sentry’s Clever Cleanout is an innovative drainage device that acts as a multifunctional backflow preventer. Unlike traditional backflow prevention valves that are large, cumbersome, and require professional installation, the Clever Cleanout provides a simple and effective solution that can easily be installed by a homeowner.

The Clever Cleanout consists of a PVC body with a hinged flap inside that remains closed under normal conditions. This allows water and waste to flow out of the home’s plumbing system as expected. However, if back pressure occurs and sewage attempts to back up, the flap immediately shuts to block the backflow. This prevents contaminated water from entering the property’s plumbing and basement.

Unlike many flapper-style backflow devices, the Clever Cleanout has a patented design that keeps the flap free of debris. This ensures the flap can quickly snap shut when needed. The Clever Cleanout installs inline with a home’s main sewer line, making it an ideal replacement for a standard sewer cleanout. Its ingenious yet straightforward design acts as a backflow preventer, backwater valve, and drain backflow preventer all-in-one.

Problems with sewage backup and Traditional Backflow Preventers

Traditional backflow prevention systems like backwater valves and drain plugs can be complicated, cumbersome, and expensive. These old-fashioned systems require professional installation, which means tearing up floors and walls to access drain lines. The installation cost alone starts at $2000 and can exceed $5000 for more complex configurations.

Maintenance is another downside of traditional backflow devices. Because they contain mechanical parts, they must be manually inspected and cleaned periodically to ensure proper functioning. Neglecting this maintenance can render the devices inoperable over time. Replacing failed parts often requires calling a plumber and paying for labor charges all over again.

In addition to installation and maintenance costs, traditional backflow preventers have performance limitations. Most are only designed to handle backflow from one direction, either from the sewer main or a branch drain line. They also do nothing to prevent direct backflows from fixtures like toilets and floor drains. As a result, homes with standard backflow devices can still experience a sewage backup during heavy rain or main line blockages.

Commercial Uses for Clever Cleanout

The Clever Cleanout offers invaluable protection against sewage backups for a wide range of commercial buildings and facilities. Any property that relies on plumbing and sewer systems can benefit from installing a Clever Cleanout device.

For example, office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, recreation centers, warehouses, and industrial facilities can all take advantage of the Clever Cleanout system. The device helps prevent flooding and backups from wreaking havoc on business operations and inventory.

Restaurants and food service establishments are especially prone to sewage backups resulting from grease blockages. A clogged drain can unleash sewage filled with dangerous bacteria, creating a major health hazard. The Clever Cleanout acts as an effective barrier to stop the backflow before it damages the facility.

Medical offices and hospitals cannot afford any sanitation risks that might compromise patient health. The innovative Clever Cleanout offers an affordable way to protect plumbing infrastructure. For facilities that perform industrial waste disposal or chemical cleaning, the Clever Cleanout prevents harmful materials from backing up into the building’s pipes.

No matter the size or type of commercial property, the easy retrofitting and maintenance of the Clever Cleanout provides business owners priceless peace of mind against costly and unsanitary sewage overflows.

Residential Uses for Clever Cleanout

The Clever Cleanout provides several key benefits for homeowners looking to prevent sewage backup into their houses. Unlike older backflow prevention systems that require multiple valves and maintenance, the single Clever Cleanout unit is easy to install and maintain.

Homeowners can install the Clever Cleanout themselves without the need for plumbing expertise. The device can be placed outside the home, directly into the main sewer line. This provides protection for the entire home’s plumbing system. If the sewer line backs up or floods, the Clever Cleanout will automatically shut off to prevent sewage from entering the home.

For homeowners concerned about flooding risks or installing plumbing in a basement or finished areas of the home, the Clever Cleanout offers reliable protection without major renovation. It avoids the need to break floors or walls to access pipes. The device also does not require electricity or batteries, using a simple mechanical float to operate.

Compared to installing a traditional backflow prevention system, the Clever Cleanout provides substantial cost savings in parts, labor, and complexity. Homeowners gain peace of mind knowing their home is protected from sewage backflow for a fraction of the usual cost. With quick DIY installation and low maintenance needs, the Clever Cleanout is an ideal solution for residential backflow prevention.

Ease of Installation

Traditional backflow prevention systems can be extremely cumbersome and complicated to install, often requiring specialized plumbers and major construction projects. The Clever Cleanout, on the other hand, is designed for quick and easy installation by homeowners or general contractors.

Clever Cleanout installs inline with the home’s main sewer line, either inside or outside of the foundation. It does not require breaking concrete, trenching, or rerouting plumbing lines. The installation process is straightforward and does not necessitate any major building modifications.

Homeowners can install a Clever Cleanout in just a few hours with basic DIY skills and tools. Each unit comes with simple step-by-step installation instructions. The process only requires excavating the sewer lateral, cutting the pipe, installing the Clever Cleanout fitting and riser, and backfilling the hole. No wiring or programming is required.

For such an effective and multifunctional backflow prevention device, the installation of Clever Cleanout is surprisingly simple. The ease of installation makes it an accessible and budget-friendly solution compared to complex traditional backflow preventers that can cost thousands of dollars to install. Clever Cleanout brings professional-grade protection against sewer backflows into the realm of DIY.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Traditional Systems vs. Clever Cleanout

Installing a traditional backflow prevention system can be very expensive, often costing thousands of dollars once parts, labor and installation are factored in. These complex systems require professional installation and regular maintenance, adding to long-term costs.

In contrast, Clever Cleanout offers an ingenious, cost-effective alternative. As a simple and self-contained device, Clever Cleanout installs in minutes with basic tools, eliminating high labor expenses. Clever Cleanout retails for under $200, while a traditional backflow preventer often exceeds $2000.

Beyond the initial price difference, Clever Cleanout requires no maintenance or replacement parts over time. Traditional backflow preventers contain springs, seals, and moving mechanisms that wear out and must be serviced regularly. This can cost hundreds of dollars annually. With its durable, static design, Clever Cleanout has no parts to maintain or replace.

For both residential and commercial settings, Clever Cleanout provides substantial cost savings over a traditional backflow prevention system. The device offers set-it-and-forget it functionality at a fraction of the price. Property owners can install Clever Cleanout themselves in less than an hour and rest assured this cost-effective solution will continue protecting their plumbing assets for years to come.

Additional Benefits of Clever Cleanout

Unlike traditional backflow prevention methods, Clever Cleanout provides a wide array of additional benefits for both residential and commercial settings.

  • Low Maintenance: Clever Cleanout has no moving parts and requires no regular maintenance. Traditional backflow preventers often need parts replaced and serviced annually. This saves time and money.
  • High Reliability: With its simple, non-mechanical design, Clever Cleanout is less prone to failure than traditional mechanical backflow preventers. There are no flappers or seals that can wear out over time. This results in maximum uptime and reliability.
  • Flexible Installation: Clever Cleanout can be installed horizontally or vertically, with fewer access requirements than typical backflow preventers. This allows installation even in tight spaces.
  • Compact Size: At just 4 inches in diameter, Clever Cleanout fits in more places than standard backflow prevention valves. This is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces where space is limited.
  • Quiet Operation: Unlike mechanical backflow devices, Clever Cleanout has no moving parts so it operates silently. This is ideal for noise-sensitive environments.
  • Environmentally Friendly: With just one small part made of plastic, Clever Cleanout is more environmentally sustainable than traditional backflow preventers made of metal and plastic.

Clever Cleanout’s simple but genius design provides numerous advantages beyond basic backflow prevention. For both home and business owners, this can translate to lower operating costs, greater convenience, and reduced headaches.

Peace of Mind

Installing a Clever Cleanout provides invaluable peace of mind for both residential and commercial property owners. Unlike basic backflow valves which can get stuck open and fail to prevent sewage backups, the Clever Cleanout has no moving parts to fail. Its simple but ingenious inner flap design always remains closed until sufficient pressure pushes it open when drainage flows properly to the sewer main. This provides assurance that the Clever Cleanout will reliably prevent backups by blocking any reverse flow before it enters a property.

Property owners no longer have to worry about sewage invading their home or business and causing massive damage, health hazards, and costs. The Clever Cleanout eliminates the stress and expense of cleanup and restoration that typically follow sewer backups. Many homeowners and business managers lose sleep worrying about when the next backup might occur and what harm it could inflict to people, property, operations, and reputation. Installing a Clever Cleanout lets owners rest easy knowing their property is protected 24/7.

For residential homeowners, the peace of mind is priceless. Avoiding the nightmare scenario of sewage flooding into a basement or other living spaces provides great comfort. Parents can relax knowing their family and home are safe from the health risks and headaches a backup would create. The Clever Cleanout allows homeowners to enjoy their property without dreading the disastrous disruption an unexpected sewer backup could cause.

For commercial property managers, preventing backups avoids costly business interruptions and protects their company’s image. Keeping operations running smoothly and unimpeded provides huge value. The Clever Cleanout lets managers breathe easier, knowing a sewer backup won’t suddenly jeopardize business functions, employees, customers or facilities. Protecting hard-earned reputations and avoiding PR headaches gives managers confidence their business is safe from this preventable crisis.

The peace of mind the Clever Cleanout delivers is one of its greatest assets. Homeowners and business owners can finally stop worrying and enjoy true backup protection.


The unique advantage of Clever Cleanout as a backflow preventer is clear. With traditional systems costing thousands of dollars in materials, installation, and maintenance, Clever Cleanout provides a simplified and cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Clever Cleanout prevents sewage backups through a self-cleaning flapper inside the existing cleanout. This eliminates the need for expensive backflow valves, overhead sewer lines, or grinder pumps. Installation takes minutes with no major construction required.

For commercial buildings, Clever Cleanout protects against flooding and contamination to keep operations running smoothly. In homes, it brings peace of mind by stopping sewage backups before they damage floors, walls, and belongings.

With a patented design, proven track record, and rave reviews from plumbers and homeowners alike, Clever Cleanout truly is a game changer for backflow prevention. If you’re looking to save money while protecting your property from sewage backups, Clever Cleanout is the clear choice. Contact Sewer Sentry today to learn more and get a custom quote.

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